Thank you!

I work on a military base in Afghanistan and I ordered your cookies as Christmas gifts for the managers that report to me. The cookies were delivered to various bases across Afghanistan – some sites are pretty remote. Everyone LOVED the cookies! I can tell you that you made Christmas in Afghanistan so much better for us – Thank you!




Best Cookies Ever

Just happened upon your chocolate chip cookies by chance when someone brought them into work. I fell in love with them after only one. These are the best cookies ever. Don’t know how you do it but keep doing it.



The cookies are a reminder of home to me…

I used to live in Maryland but about four years ago I moved out to Oregon to go to college. Now my mom sends me a package of your ginger cookies when she can. The cookies are a reminder of home to me.

Thank You


Best cookie ever.

Someone gave me a bag of the chocolate chip cookies and I have never tasted a chocolate chip cookie that was that good. Ever. Please send some to a grocery store in North Carolina!! In the meantime, I’ll have to order regularly on the website – best cookie ever.


– Cissy

I Love Otterbein’s Cookies

“When I bake chocolate chip cookies, my results can be hit or miss.  Your cookies, on the other hand, never disappoint!  I lived in Fullerton for seven years and discovered Otterbein’s at the Giant on Belair Road near the beltway.  As your cookies are addicting, I limited my purchases to the occasional, special treat – but I always knew they were only a short trip away to the grocery store if I got an undeniable urge to satisfy my sweet tooth.  I moved to Philadelphia six years ago but couldn’t find a bakery or store bought cookie in my area that even come close to the wonderful, homemade taste and consistent quality of Otterbein’s.  So I quit searching and decided I’d just have to stop at my old Giant for a bag whenever I visited Baltimore, which I’ve been doing for years now.  I’m happy that I recently found your website, however, I have to stock up when I order online due to the shipping cost.  I’d be thrilled if you ever decided to distribute your cookies in the Philadelphia area!”

– Catherine

Going Away Present

“A Baltimore friend gave us a bag of lemon sugar cookies as a going away present.  When we got to our destination, cookies finished, we luckily had saved the bag!  So, a quick trip on-line to your easy-to-use site and we ordered four more bags (now including chocolate chip.)  Everything arrived packed like fine china, and incredibly crisp and delicious.  You’ll be hearing from us again soon.”

Thanks, and best wishes,

– Lauris


“Cheers! At last a cookie that is fresh, crunchy and just plain delicious. My favorite is the lemon cookie although I will not turn down any of these delights. Hope you’re still around in 2081.”

Thank you,

– John

Hello, Wondrous Cookie Creators!

“I have been fortunate enough to be able to purchase your fabulous cookies near my residence in Lewes, Delaware. I began taking them to a night class at the University of Delaware in Newark, DE. Soon I was bringing 2-3 bags per week as a cadre of devotees emerged. Some are mad for the Lemon and others weep tears of gratitude for the Chocolate Chip. And all clamor to know where they can buy them in their area. I suggested Giant, Superfresh, and Food Lion. They searched and searched but came up empty.

I’m pleased to know that you offer online purchasing and will share this info with my classmates. But, I would like to know if there are any plans to expand distribution to the area where most of them live – Newark/Wilmington DE. I am confident they will do well in this region.

Years ago, someone brought me chocolate chip cookies from Hawaii and I have forever been trying to find something with a similar brown sugary “crunch.” Mission accomplished with your delicious Chocolate Chips. I genuinely prefer them to homemade – they are that good!

Thank you for a terrific product, one I hope might appear in the upstate Delaware stores soon.”

– Patti

First Time Orderer

“Dear Otterbeins,

My cousin recently brought some of your cookies to our house as a high school graduation ‘additional present’ – and all my grown children acted as if they had never eaten a cookie before!! As a recent addict to your cookies, I am hoping to send these gluttonous children each a shipment this Valentine’s Day. I am wondering if you have any coupons for a free shipping code available – that would certainly help!

Thanks, and I am happy to be a new member of your newsletter!”

– Kay

Thank You

“I too grew up in Northeast Baltimore. Every Sunday after church at St. Matthew- we stood in line for those delicious cookies. We also enjoyed all the baked goods from Otterbeins. Thank you for the great treats as children and the continued pleasure of your cookies!! Cannot pass the red bags at the grocery. Yum!”

– Michele