Otterbein's Bakery Storefront

Who’da thunk it?

A family of German immigrants would come to Baltimore, Maryland and start a little bakery near Fort McHenry (Oh say, can you see!), where Adam Otterbein would create a crispy, buttery sugar cookie that an entire city would fall in love with.

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It Happened.

Today, the love of Otterbein’s has extended way beyond the city of Baltimore. Our operation is much bigger than a row home, yet so many things are still remarkably the same. Same recipes, with a few more varieties. Same family, who has made Otterbein’s a modern operation complete with wholesale and online businesses supplying the world with Baltimore’s worst-kept secret.

To this day, everything we do is still true to these three things: Simple ingredients. Simple baking. Simple pleasures. And we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Overhead Pile of Mixed Cookies

BTW, Yes It’s True.

In 1881, America experienced three different presidents in the same year. Rutherford B. Hayes. James Garfield. Chester Arthur. Look it up. While you’re at it, why not nibble one or ten of our cookies? History loves company.

Chester Aurther with Cookie
James Garfield with Cookie