I Love Otterbein’s Cookies

“When I bake chocolate chip cookies, my results can be hit or miss.  Your cookies, on the other hand, never disappoint!  I lived in Fullerton for seven years and discovered Otterbein’s at the Giant on Belair Road near the beltway.  As your cookies are addicting, I limited my purchases to the occasional, special treat – but I always knew they were only a short trip away to the grocery store if I got an undeniable urge to satisfy my sweet tooth.  I moved to Philadelphia six years ago but couldn’t find a bakery or store bought cookie in my area that even come close to the wonderful, homemade taste and consistent quality of Otterbein’s.  So I quit searching and decided I’d just have to stop at my old Giant for a bag whenever I visited Baltimore, which I’ve been doing for years now.  I’m happy that I recently found your website, however, I have to stock up when I order online due to the shipping cost.  I’d be thrilled if you ever decided to distribute your cookies in the Philadelphia area!”

– Catherine