Hello, Wondrous Cookie Creators!

“I have been fortunate enough to be able to purchase your fabulous cookies near my residence in Lewes, Delaware. I began taking them to a night class at the University of Delaware in Newark, DE. Soon I was bringing 2-3 bags per week as a cadre of devotees emerged. Some are mad for the Lemon and others weep tears of gratitude for the Chocolate Chip. And all clamor to know where they can buy them in their area. I suggested Giant, Superfresh, and Food Lion. They searched and searched but came up empty.

I’m pleased to know that you offer online purchasing and will share this info with my classmates. But, I would like to know if there are any plans to expand distribution to the area where most of them live – Newark/Wilmington DE. I am confident they will do well in this region.

Years ago, someone brought me chocolate chip cookies from Hawaii and I have forever been trying to find something with a similar brown sugary “crunch.” Mission accomplished with your delicious Chocolate Chips. I genuinely prefer them to homemade – they are that good!

Thank you for a terrific product, one I hope might appear in the upstate Delaware stores soon.”

– Patti