Our Cookies

All of our cookies.
In all of their crispy glory.

Mr. Popular. Definitely not Mr. Typical.

America’s favorite kind of cookie, but done in a way only Otterbein’s can. With real semi-sweet chocolate, butter, brown sugar, and a few other simple ingredients.

Chocolate on chocolate on yum.

Really, can there ever be too much chocolate? And so, we’re careful not to make our dough too sweet, to let the chocolate flavor shine through. The high-quality chocolate chips don’t hurt either.

Zingy yet still subtle.

There’s just something about ginger that’s indescribably delicious and uncommonly good. Add in some cinnamon and some Otterbein’s magic, and you’ve got a holiday favorite that needs no holiday.

Little rays of lemony sunshine.

We took our original sugar cookie and gave it some lemon love. Voilà. A bright, shiny star was born. A little tart. A little sweet. Perfect with tea. Or milk. Or absolutely nothing else other than your mouth.

The one that started it all.

How can something so simple be so simply delicious? Fortunately, we don’t have to explain, we just have to prove it. And we do. Like we have since 1881. Just six ingredients playing sweetly together.

Ohhhhhtmeal. And raisins. And love.

This is a whole different kind of cinnamony oatmeal raisin experience. After one (or, let’s be honest, many) of ours, you may never go back to the kind your grandma used to make. Sorry, grandma. We still love you.

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