At Otterbein’s, we don’t mess with perfection. That’s why our family’s thin, crisp cookies have been a Baltimore tradition for more than 135 years. Generations of cookie lovers have fond memories of visiting our bakery for delicate cookies hot from the oven—and now we’re bringing them to you, in stores and online. We ship around the world! Perfect for gifts and holiday get-togethers.

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Otterbein's cookies make the perfect gift!

A tin of Otterbein's Cookies makes a welcome gift for any occasion. Our cookies are thin, crisp and have a home-made taste that has made Otterbein's Cookies a Baltimore tradition. All gifts include a hand-written gift card, and most orders are shipped same day or by next business day.

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Our History

A Baltimore Tradition

The people of Baltimore have been enjoying Otterbein’s cookies since 1881, when Adam Otterbein arrived from Germany and opened a small bakery near Fort McHenry. Although he made all sorts of traditional German breads and pastries, his thin sugar cookies, cut by hand, were what propelled his modest bakery to success…

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Our Cookies

How to find Otterbein's Cookies?

For a list of grocery stores and gourmet food shops around the Maryland / DC area that carry Otterbein’s cookies

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To have our crisp, delicious cookies shipped to you in the US or around the world,

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